Michael Bierut Pops Up on CBS Evening News Talking About the Design of the USDA’s New Food Plate

The big news from the US Department of Agriculture, of course, is their move away from the familiar and iconic food pyramid and into their new plate-based system of showing us how much of each type of food thing we should be consuming (full disclosure: this writer’s wife works somewhat directly with the group that creates these pyramid and plate guidelines for the USDA and certainly wouldn’t appreciate his use of “food thing” to describe types of food). And with the transition from pointy to round, eventually the media was going to have to turn to a design expert. We were both surprised and pleased as punch that CBS Evening News went directly to Pentagram‘s Michael Bierut for his commentary. It’s the nightly news, so of course he only gets a few words in, but nice to hear from someone outside of the food world or government sharing their insight. Here’s the clip: