Mic Acquires Video App Hyper

The kids want video.

Hyper-ScreenshotMic—the media outlet for millennials that was founded in 2011—has purchased Hyper (pictured), which curates videos and arranges them in a magazine-like layout. Think of Hyper as a video version of Flipboard.

What makes Hyper interesting is that the videos are selected by human editors. “That [editorial oversight is] something an algorithm can’t do and is extremely valuable to consumers,” Hyper co-founder Markus Gilles told The Wall Street Journal.

Mic’s goal with Hyper is to build it out as a standalone brand. “We want to build a new way to consume video on your phone,” said Mic’s co-founder and CEO, Chris Altchek. “This offers a 10 times better experience than is available today. Every generation has their media brands and we want to be one of them.”

Hyper is only available for iPads as of now, but it will be expanding to iPhones and Androids soon.

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