Writers Strike Website Show the Toast of MetaCafe

During the 2007-08 writers’ strike, a number of WGA members banded together for Strike.tv, a website designed to give them ownership of Internet short-form programming. A few years later, a byproduct of that initiative has scored a major victory with San Francisco’s MetaCafe website.

With 34% of the online “MetaVote,” Dwelling, an original series created by The Office writer Anthony Q. Farrell, beat out six other finalists for the privilege of an exclusive follow-up online season. Additionally, a major sponsor will be found and attached, possibly even for some sly product placement. Per today’s press release:

“Bringing Dwelling to life on the web is one of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve ever worked on,” said Farrell. “It’s an honor to win the MetaVote program and we look forward to exceeding both viewer and sponsor expectations with a fresh batch of hilarity.”

Among the other MetaVote finalists was Daryl from OnCar, one of Strike.tv’s very first word-of-mouth hits. MetaCafe meanwhile, based in San Francisco with offices in LA and several other cities, is currently getting more than 12 million monthly uniques.