Messaging App Yo Updated with Yo Store for Real-Time Content Alerts

The store allows users to subscribe to their favorite content providers, receiving push notifications when new content is available for viewing.

Yo Store

Mobile messaging app Yo has been updated with the Yo Store, giving users a new way to subscribe to updates from their favorite online “things,” from sports teams and Instagram accounts to world news sites and more. The Yo Store is a replacement for the existing Yo Index, which Yo says the platform had simply outgrown.

Like the Yo Index, the Yo Store focuses on providing a one-stop-shop for users to follow their favorite brands, teams and other outlets through bite-sized updates. Users browse categories within the Yo Store, ranging from business to fun, productivity to travel, and so on.

When users find a topic or “service” they’d like to keep tabs on, they can subscribe to that particular feed. After subscribing to at least one of these services, users receive push notifications when new content is available from the associated blog, news site, etc. For instance, subscribing to the Yo feed of a popular Instagram account would see users sent a notification each time a new image has been uploaded to their account.

Once users engage with a notification, they have the option to “Yo This” or otherwise share the content with others. These Yo services are free to use, and the Yo team promises to keep outlets from bombarding users with too many notifications.

The original Yo Index had reached over 150 different services, and Yo expects this to only grow from here. Yo is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app became a household name in June 2014, when creator Or Arbel received $1 million in funding to grow the one-word messaging platform.

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