Merkel defeats Shroeder! Dewey defeats Truman! Headline writing is fun!

An eagle-eyed tipster alerts us to an interesting display of creative license on the part of the New York Sun: in reprinting a WaPo article on the murky outcome of the German election, they’ve taken the liberty of helpfully determining it on our behalves. Yay helpful NYSun! Consider the following:

German Election Yields No Clear Win – Majority Is Lacking to Replace Schroeder” by Craig Whitlock [WaPo]

and, in a banner headline:

GERMANY HEADS IN A NEW DIRECTION: In Fragmented Poll Frau Merkel Ousts Schroder’s SPD” by Craig Whitlock [NYSun]

Now, it’s certainly an exciting result but it does seem the Sun has gotten a wee bit carried away; as the Sun itself points out, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats scored 35% of the vote, while Schroeder’s Social Democrats garnered 34%. Since there’s no clear winner, the result is still up in the air, and more dependent on who aligns with whom to form the bestest coalition for German voters. So it may not be a new direction after all, and it certainly, by all accounts, has not been an ouster (if you don’t believe me check our arbiter at the NYT — “Battle For Power Begins in Germany after Inconclusive Vote” — and best of all it’s FREE!).

Upshot: It’s no “Dewey Defeats Truman” — we got a little excited ourselves there — but it’s still a wee bit of an overstatement, especially given the headline at the source and, er, what’s actually happening. Either way, though, it’s a big win for the Democrats!