Merger Most Large: RMJM Marries Hillier


Big news in the world of the business of architecture this week: two extremely large firms, the Scotland-based RMJM Architects and the New Jersey-based Hillier, are merging together to form a massive new company called, well, RMJM Hillier or the RMJM Group (depending on what you’re talking to them about, creative stuff or big-money stuff). If you don’t know either company, we’ll make it seem more interesting to you once you know that together they’ve got around a thousand people working for them in sixteen cities across the world and some of their bigger clients include the W Hotels chain, Oxford and Princeton universities and the Beijing Olympic Center, among countless others. And when you’re that big, you have to go all out in announcing it:

The merger was announced earlier this week at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The event was attended by architects, industry luminaries, academics and guests, including Amanda Burden, director of the New York City Department of City Planning and chair of the City Planning Commission.