Meredith Parents Network Expands

ParentsiPlayAndLearn.jpgThe Meredith Parents Network is expanding, announcing the relaunch of, the debut of social network Parents Community and the introduction of an iPhone app for kids. now includes more original content, quizzes, checklists, videos and interactive planning tools and calendars.

Parents Community, part of, offers personalized group and friend recommendations, user-generated-content capabilities enabling moms to connect with other women and the ability to interact with editors from Parents and American Baby.

And iPhone app iPlay and Learn features quizzes, tracing programs and flash cards for children.

Parents vice president and publisher Diane Newman said:

More than ever, today’s time-strapped parents want quick and easy access to helpful advice and information, as well as validation and support from other parents who have similar experiences to share. The new assets and the launch of Parents Community are just the beginning in a series of new consumer features that will be rolled out in 2010.

And Meredith Interactive senior VP Lauren Wiener added:

The Parents Network is the biggest brand in the parenting space. With a total audience of more than 25 million across all touch points, we reach more moms than ever before. As we continue to enhance our platforms on all fronts—digital, print, mobile, insights—our offerings for marketers are the most robust in the category.