Men’s Vogue Pins Down Michael Bierut

MB lapel pin.jpgWhile we continue to receive no response to our weekly telegrams demanding that Men’s Vogue put Michael Bierut on its cover (perhaps pictured with his new identity for the Museum of Arts and Design and with the cover line: “MAD for Michael Bierut!”), the magazine did have the good sense to commission him to design a “politically neutral” lapel pin (pictured at right). Applying the melting pot idea to the letters U, S, and A, Bierut aimed to “defamiliarize a very familiar configuration of letters” with a sharp monogram that suggests the wearer works for a supersecret design-minded organization (we detect a hint of aeronautical zeal in those interlocked letters) that is pronounced “YOU-sah.” It’s sure to impress on both sides of the aisle.

Bierut describes his non-partisan alternative to the recently contentious American flag pin as “a modest design effort on behalf of a terrific cause.” That cause being not only better-looking lapel pins but also Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that provides companion dogs to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans among other canine-related good works. Proceeds from sales of the limited edition of 5,000 pins (buy yours here for $10) will benefit the organization.