Men’s Journal Editor Wieners Out

Apparently having double-digit newsstand growth isn’t enough to keep your job—if you’re the editor of Jann Wenner’s Men’s Journal, that is.
The Wenner Media chairman dumped Brad Wieners as the title’s editor on Friday, despite the men’s lifestyle magazine’s having a 24.7 percent newsstand increase in the first half of the year.
At less than 100,000 on a total circulation of 722,681, Men’s Journal’s single-copy sales are relatively small. Even so, many ad buyers view newsstand as a barometer of vitality, especially when industry single-copy sales were down 5.6 percent in the first half.
Wenner, who appointed himself top editor at Men’s Journal five years ago, is known for changing its editor and publisher frequently, as evidenced by recent history. Wieners’ predecessor Jim Kaminsky had been in the position just eight months (in that case, Kaminsky left for the top editor spot at Maxim). Tom Foster, the editor before him, held the job for just 15 months.

By those standards, Wieners was a vet, having had the position for three years.

The company said it expects to name a successor soon.