Meghan McCain Finds Her Prom Dress

Biggest news of the weekend?

Daily Beast Columnist and Sen. John McCain‘s (D-Ariz.) daughter Meghan McCain found her frock to the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. She wrote on Twitter, “I found my dress for the white house correspondents dinner!!! hooray! and now it is being left with a team of architects for fitting ;-)”

She needs a team?

No specifics yet on the dress, but McCain isn’t shy about her curvy physique. “Getting sweet tweets from young women about rocking their curves & loving their bodies never gets old!! Curvy girls gotta stick together! xo” she wrote this weekend. She is reportedly a size 8/10. “I am proud of my curves and have always loved my fuller figure, as should every woman who is not a size ‘0’”, she wrote in 2008. It’s “inner happiness” that counts, she said at the time.

(She wore the above dress in 2008. See 2009…)

Meghan McCain at 2009 WHCA dinner.