Meg Whitman Spent $88 Per Vote But Had a Cash Bar at Victory Party


Any reasonable person attending a billionaire’s celebration would just assume they would be able to revel in the free drinks and the above average cocktail wienies. Ahem. But alas, press at the Meg Whitman party last night tweeted there was no host bar. Oh the humanity!

For the primary, Whitman received 1,089,753 votes giving her the majority to secure the Republican nomination for governor. Of course, for those million votes she spent $88 million ($70 million reportedly out of her own pocket). Quick math says she spent just shy of $88 per vote. Should could have bought a million people a 4GB iPod Shuffle each and still had enough cash to buy them all a double shot at Pete’s…twice.

Or she could have split the difference and bought the poor tattered political journos a freaking beer on election night!


Anyway, SoCal hosted all the big election parties last night. Democrat Jerry Brown was at the Nokia Theater in downtown. Whitman’s was at the Universal Hilton. And also-ran Steve Poizner was at the Hilton Hotel in Irvine.

Take that – Fresno!

CORRECTION: We did the math prematurely. Whitman received 1,101,528 votes in the final tally making her amount per vote to be $80.

Photo credit Steve at KFI

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