Meeting David Stark, the King of Event Design

For those who read this here blog and have had the rare but glorious opportunity to bask in our glow in person, when we say “Stark” out loud, most people would guess that we’re back to talking about one of our favorite subjects, Philippe Starck. But no, his name has a “c” in it (for some reason). Instead, if you listen closely, we’re actually talking about David Stark, the “event designer extraordinaire,” who the good people over at Design*Sponge recently got to hang out with the guy and watch him create some of his temporary grandeur at this year’s Robin Hood Foundation fundraiser in New York. If you’re not familiar with Stark’s work, you really should get on the ball. It’s somewhere in between the Technicolor sheen of The Wizard of Oz and the bizarrely amazing House on the Rock in Wisconsin. And seeing how he does it from start to finish is just plain great. Highly recommended.