MeeGo’s Checkered 2010 Timeline. And, Now? The First MeeGo Product is Dropped Before it Launched

MeeGo is mobile platform project that was formed by two mobile Linux platform projects from Intel (Moblin) and Nokia (Maemo). Moblin never went anywhere while Maemo had some critical success in Nokia’s early Internet Tablet product attempts. The MeeGo project got off to a slow and rocky start and then became slower and rockier as the months progressed. You can see a timeline of sorts through my subject lines here on ThinkMobile in 2010.

April 1, 2010: Moblin/Maemo Linux Successor, MeeGo, Finally Available for Testing

April 20, 2010: MeeGo’s Odd Beta Release: Public Beta Has No GUI But Intel Demoed 1.0 GUI in China

May 27, 2010: MeeGo 1.0 (Intel Moblin + Nokia Maemo) Mobile Linux Platform Released

June 28, 2010: Nokia Needs to Choose a Mobile Platform & Stick with it: S60, Maemo, Symbian^3, MeeGo. What’s Next?

October 22, 2010: Nokia Announced Small (1.3%) Job Cuts: Where is MeeGo to Save the Day?

It looks like MeeGo is on its last legs based on this Reuter report.

Nokia drops first MeeGo phone before launch -sources