Mediabistro’s Advanced Travel Writing Course Next Week

The course is next week, Thursday September 25 in Beverly Hills taught by travel writer Eric Hiss.

Travel writing is your passport to an entire world of stories waiting for you at the end of a cobblestone lane or on top of a liana-covered ruin. You may already have the expertise to write about many of the subjects you’ll encounter on the road, whether your ideas are related to design, food, business, or other topics you’ve covered in the past. You just need to get from here to there.

This workshop will help you shape your existing talents and show you how to land travel assignments. We will explore the different types of articles travel editors are looking for, as well as information on press trips: how they work, what the protocol is, and a frank discussion of whether or not to participate in them. Pack your bags and get ready for new adventures with the skills you’ll develop in this workshop.
In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What makes good travel journalism
  • Road-tested ways to break in and get your start
  • The art of creating the effective travel pitch letter
  • Various types of travel article formats
  • How to pitch your stories beyond travel magazines
  • How to turn one trip into multiple story ideas
  • How to develop industry contacts
  • More information and the sign up is here.