At The Center Of Mistaken Journalist Identity

cayton.jpgThere’s a feud going on in Denver between two journalists and a mislabeled photo from a 2005 Mediabistro has helped drag a third journalist into the fray.

It all started last month, when Denver Westword reporter Jared Jacang Maher wrote an article about local consumer reporter and radio personality Tom Martino, claiming Martino may have been earning cash from a product he promoted on his show, the energy drink Efusjon.

Martino struck back at Maher on his blog, and tried to ambush interview him at a McDonald’s. When he failed to get an interview with him or an editor at the Westword, Martino made a video blog about Maher, displaying a photo of him he had found on the Internet.

The photo was from a 2005 Mediabistro party. But unfortunately, the photo was mislabeled. It was actually a photo of Maher’s friend and fellow journalist Adam Cayton-Holland, who had stolen Maher’s nametag at the party. Annoyed with being accused of being an inaccurate liar, Cayton-Holland made a video of his own for The Onion‘s A.V. Club.

Martino has since taken down any reference to the incorrect photo, but you can still watch his original video here. When we did a Google image search for Maher, the first photo that came up was the Mediabistro shot of Cayton-Holland. But, as Cayton-Holland himself points out, there are many other photos of Maher online, too. The whole case of mistaken identity is just a sidebar to a serious piece of journalism that tried to shine a light on possible impropriety. But it’s pretty funny.

The video is pretty funny, too. (After the jump)