Media-riffic Talent Show!!!!!

mmmm cookies.jpg We have to stop posting now because tonight we’re going to be reading at this fabulous event, along with some fabulous bloggers including this pink-hued tartly-tongued gossip-mongering colleague. The event is called the “WYSIWYG Talent Show” and, while I am conspicuously lacking in same, it occurs to me that amongst your bloggy throngs are closet singers, actors, musicians, performance artists, mimes, dramaturges, jugglers, and total, utter hams. I joked in an earlier post about a media talent show; and indeed, I often amuse myself by casting entire broadway musicals with media types (David Zinczenko as Nathan Detroit? Paula Froelich as Roxie Hart? Graydon Carter as Officer Krupke? Anderson Cooper as Jean Valjean?), but I can’t help but think that it would be a trip to find out the secret talents behind Fishbowl’s target audience.

Now I’m not fool enough to think you’ll tell me yourself; oh no. But, if I ask you to tell me the secret talents of the guy who sits next to you — well, that’s where the fun begins. Don’t be shy, tell me exactly who plays the ukelele. No really, it’s hot. Also feel free to do a little creative casting of your own; it’s all in the name of good Fishy fun. And if you really impress us, you could win a T-shirt with the super-special CNN logo of your choice! (If CNN doesn’t mind us blatantly misappropriating their logo). Point being, there is fun to be had and dammit, we will have it.

By the way, the subject matter of tonight’s reading will deal directly with the illustration above. BTW those cookies are way more delicious than Paul Krugman’s brownies.