Media Recruiting Group Training You For Digital

logo.gifThe fallout from digital media has forced many people to reevaluate both their careers and their skill sets. Those who have worked in traditional media, in every capacity, are discovering they need to learn more in order to succeed. So what do they do? Media Recruiting Group is offering you a chance to learn.

Media Recruiting Group, which Steve Goldberg and his wife Risa started over 14 years ago, has long been a leading executive search firm specializing in print and digital sales and marketing positions. Since the digital boom, though, they’ve found that they need to reinvent themselves a little bit. How did they do it? Find out after the jump.

“What was going to happen in three to five years happened in five months,” Steve said reflecting on the last few years in media. “More and more the job orders that would come in would be for more digital. And many people would call us who just had the more traditional experience or who had just had a cursory overview of digital. So it came to us that we wanted to provide a service for people so that they could be empowered in their career.”

This is when Steve and Risa came up with the idea of hosting Digital Sales and Marketing training. Lead by Alex Baxter, General Manager of Parade Digital, courses focus on a range of topics from new industry terminology to ad networks and social media. The lectures also feature guest speakers&#151tomorrow night’s lecture feature Michelle King, National Sales Director for eHarmony&#151who discuss their business as well as requirements for people looking to shift from print to digital sales.

Creating conference has been a new experience for Steve and his wife.

“I’m an example of someone who would be a participant in the course,” claimed Steve. “I’ve had to basically reinvent myself as a marketer in terms of marketing these programs. Usually our clients as recruiters are companies and it’s our job to find talent for them. And we’ve done a great job doing that. In this situation it’s a little bit of a role reversal where our candidates are now our clients.”

Change can be good though. The conference on March 11th sold out. Tomorrow, March 25th, is also nearing capacity. Customers have already begun to sign up for more advance courses that begin in May. And it’s helped the company formulate the five things you need to know to succeed in digital sales and marketing (which you can read for yourself after the jump)

1)Unlike traditional media sales, there’s a great deal of follow-up and account management post-sale in digital.

2)The most effective online advertising is not restricted to direct response and search. Brand is still important, and with the OPA’s new larger ad unit recommendations, and the proliferation of rich media, creating product affinity and intent to purchase is a real benefit of premium advertising on premium content sites.

3)Size matters, but not always. Niche sites are experiencing ad sales success in a down market because of their focused reach. Closely review demographics and psychographics of your site’s audience with media buyers if they match advertisers’ desired target.

4) Don’t promise microsites and contrived custom ideas that may not deliver. Build advertiser programs that leverage content and themes endemic to your site, and build custom ideas around them.

5) Don’t build integrated programs for the sake of building integrated programs. Tie print, online, mobile, video, etc. together in a relevant and cohesive way that addresses advertisers’ needs.

Media Recruiting Group is still focusing on its primary business, recruiting, but these new classes have allowed the company to open up and really help people who are in a transitional period right now.