Media miscellany: special special-election edition

mapca.jpgWe assume you’re all voting tomorrow. As veteran pollsters often say, as go FishbowlLA readers, there goes California, or at least 5700 Wilshire and the eastern side of the patio at the Coffee Table. We aren’t going to tell you how to vote, however. Oh, wait: maybe we are! Anyhow, here are some politically-themed tidbits to get you in the mood for hitting the ballot box tomorrow:

– Everyone’s favorite Los Angeles lefty curmudgeon Bob Scheer is reportedly losing his LAT opinion column and co-launching a webzine called TruthDig, not as in “dig the truth, man,” but as the magazine’s website proclaims, as in “drilling beneath the headlines.” So why not call it TruthDrill?

– Pat Morrison reviewed Barbara Boxer’s novel in the LAT on Saturday and called it “passable.” Unlike, unfortunately, much of the legislation she sponsors.

– Miracle of miracles: The special election seems to have prompted the NYT to run non-frivolous pieces about California, with an op-ed piece by longtime California political commentator Jill Stewart and coverage of the Governor’s shifting political fortunes.