Media Miscellany: 04.26.2005

Huffies, Huffies everywhere: As more papers get on the Arianna Huffington blog story, more would-be bloggers are coming out of the woodwork to add their online voices to The Huffington Post. The swelling roster is now said to include David Geffen, Larry David and his wife, political activist Laurie David, Aaron Sorkin, talk-show host Michael Medved, Playboy CEO Christie Hefner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Hannity-nemesis Harry Shearer. Stars – they’re just like us!

Vogue’s having a party and you’re not invited: If you have no plans tonight, you still have no plans – we hear that Vogue Magazine is having a super-secret party after the Tribeca Film Fest screening of fashion pic “Seamless” tonight at Tunnel, but it’s closed to the press. If you insist on crashing, at least wear your Manolos.

NYT and WSJ scrap over Kenneth Langone’s bid for the NYSE, issuing corrections and updating stories. Who knows who said what first, but either way Newsweek is just smug about getting it right, if not first.
WSJ: Who’s Wrong First? [Gawker]