Media Minutiae, With Apologies To Oasis Edition

  • Jon Friedman thinks CNN is fickle; Jon Klein is relieved that viewers are, too. [MW, TVNewser]
  • What happens to a piece deferred/Does it dry up, like a Radar in the sun? WWD reports on where the scatterlings of Radar have ended up, and where the lonley unpublished stories of its almost-fourth issue might find a home (we hear Salon is the big winner, picking up the two mentioned with a third on deck). [WWD]
  • Howard Stern, uncensored, except for maybe-censored: After making a great big to-do about how Howard Stern was going to satellite radio for the unfettered creative freedom it offered, apparently Sirius “high-level executives” are working up an “internal standards-and-practices document” to control shock-jockery on the airwaves. Well, as long as it doesn’t affect Howard’s stock options. [NYP]
  • Backbeat, the word is on the street, Disneys’ got a kid’s mag comin’ out: One more? (There’s already three or four!) so the need for it is still in doubt/But Disney believes that every parent’s gonna love the mag, and needs it now/So next month on the newsstand they’ll be finding/A mag to add to their Baby Einstein-ing/There are many things your kids are gonna learn to do, Disney shows you how/So baby, this mag is gonna educate ye/’Til you’re in your prime/It’s called Wondertime. [NYT]