Media Minutiae, Supercalifragilistic and Extra-Rumbustious Edition

  • Times and Time, not on your side: If they were, they would have continued digging into Karl Rove’s role in the Valerie Plame leak and they’d be chasing the story even now. So spake Newsweek‘s Michael Isikoff yesterday at Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, saying that the first duty of the media was to its readers. Isikoff, E&P…three will make a trend…[MediaNation via Romenesko]
  • Don’t be Rushing to judgment about Josh: At least not until you’ve read this exclusive interview from Time magazine, who interviews the new, fresh face of Al-Jazeera, former Marine and “Control Room” star Josh Rushing, whose teeth likely blinded you from our blog just a few days ago. Rushing says he is a proud American — “I’ve dedicated my adult life to the health and security of the United States and to representing the best of American ideas. I will maintain my credibility by continuing to do that” — thinks he can do that best from the platform of Al-Jazeera, “the most influential Arab voice outside of mosques.” Josh, we hope you do just that. [Time]
  • But we still don’t know if Roberts even likes the Press…or anything, really, for that matter:The New York Times issued an immediate and lengthy correction today, saying that Supreme Court nominee Justice John G. Roberts did not nudge a National Guardsman out of the way write the memorandum harshly critical of the press in New York Times v. Sullivan. Turns out it was written by DC lawyer Bruce Fein back in the days of the Reagan administration. Even if it was not liking the press, for one brief moment it was encouraging to see that Roberts had strong feelings about something. Ah, well. [NYT]
  • Can you write coverlines with all the colors of the wind? Today in the NY Post Keith Kelly writes direly of post-handover turbulence at Jane magazine; new EIC Brandon Holley chalks it up to the inevitable growing pains of a transition. Out: creative director Johan Svensson, fashion director Sciascia Gambaccini, designer Jackie Munz, managing editor Debbie McHugh, ad pages; In: Kusum Lynn from Nylon, Sara Lyle from Budget Living, bright colors that are evidently not “so Jane.” But colors aren’t so bad; just ask Pocahontas. She was pretty Jane herself, no? [NYP]