Media Minutiae: Play ball!

  • The Kid stays in the picture: Vanity Fair editor and sometime-producer Graydon Carter (“9/11” and “The Kid Stays in the Picture”) will produce another documentary: “Hunter” based on the late Hunter S. Thompson. The pic will be helmed by Alex Gibney (“Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”) and will feature exclusive footage from the late great gonzo journalist’s funeral last month. [Backstage]
  • Michael Kinsley: An unceremonious exit Say what you will about Michael Kinsley, the wiki thing was brave. No, it didn’t work out, but did the LA Times really have to characterize the result as work that “mostly failed?” And publisher Jeffrey Johnson, the rule is that when you fire someone the onus is on you to be gracious. It’s an inuslt-to-injury thing. Come on. Say something nice, be a mensch. The guy’s no schlepper, he’s off to WaPo, and he took a big risk reputationally to give something a whirl in your paper. You couldn’t eke out a compliment? I’m just saying. FishbowlLA has the compare and contrast; Howie Kurtz has the postmortem; Susan Estrich has the last word. Update: Mickey Kaus.
  • You look marvelous. Now get out of my #$@%@ parking spot. executive editor John Marvel has left ESPN for one of two reasons: (1) he is seeking other journalistic challenges, or (2) mofos at ESPN can’t freakin‘ drive (aka there was an “incident” in the ESPN parking lot). Correlation with the start of football season? You decide. Too bad he didn’t watch a little baseball, that’s good for takin’ it easy and blotting out all the pesky, troublesome things in the world. [Deadspin]