Media Minutiae, P.S. Edition

  • Take my labia minora — please! It’s not like the NYT hasn’t mentioned vaginas before. Or given us an excruciatingly-detailed article on “personal grooming.” And it’s not like asking for a good spanking from the august pages of the New Yorker. But it is, you know, a lot of information, though admittedly beautifully written. And I’m not so sure I agree with her conclusion – when it comes to invasive, expensive cosmetic vaginal surgeries I don’t, actually, think women need to grin and bear it (er, and that other thing). P.S. Rolled-up jeans look cute. And those are folds you CAN see. Wear ’em with pride, Daphne Merkin! [NYT]
  • David Lee Roth: No kegel muscles to speak of, but big plans for his radio show! The NYDN’s David Hinckley has the scoop, plus the inevitable “Just A Gigolo” joke, which Fishbowl stands behind 100%. Boo-zee-boo-zee-bop, boo-zee-bop! P.S. Fishbowl met him at the CBS party and made a “Jump” joke. We stand behind that joke, too. [NYDN]
  • MoDo doesn’t need your stinkin’ chardonnay: LA Times and former Time columnist Joel Stein really wants Maureen Dowd to forgive him for taking a cheap potshot at her in his column, but not really. I see Marcia Cross playing her in this episode, all flaming hair and and icy smackdown. Fun. P.S. Stein says Robert Goulet‘s Broadway baritone made her column invoked the grandeur of the Knights of the Round Table – does Stein know, I wonder, that Goulet played the original Lancelot on Broadway in “Camelot?” Indeed, his booming baritone is best showcased on that song of the same name. [LAT]
  • Larry David: Just a feature film away from singing showtunes with Robert Goulet This weekend’s column on straight guys who are squeamish about seeing “Brokeback Mountain” is hilarious, and topical. P.S. Mickey Kaus, what do you think? [NYT]
  • By the way, “take my labia minora?” A direct quote.