Media Minutiae, J’aime Bien Le Pamplemousse Edition

  • “Dude, you so steered me right on that pork chop.” NYT gastronome Frank Bruni goes undercover to ask if you’d like sparkling water with that. He bluffs, charms and gives it his all even when he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, kind of like what bloggers do when they make up words like “gastronome.” Number one on MEL! [NYT]
  • Looking a gift cheval in the bouche: French author Bernard-Henri L&#233vy must be fou to be dissin’ the hugely popular, top-ranked article about him in last week’s New York magazine, but he has nonetheless been muttering that Carl Swanson misquoted him. Serena Torrey, however, says that Swanson has every Gallicism on tape; no word on whether L&#233vy has made any effort to &#233coute the playback. Je ne parle pas Fran&#231ais. [NYP]
  • Emotion, devotion, to getting a promotion: Yesterday the NYT announced that Glenn Kramon, Susan Edgerley and Richard L. Berke have been promoted up the NYT masthead to Assistant Managing Editor. As Bernard-Henri L&#233vy would say, f&#233licitations! (Except he might take it back after.) [NYT]