Media Minutiae, Irwin Redlener Thinks We’re Screwed Edition

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  • And Lo! The bird is on the wing:New York magazine posits an “Outbreak”-like birdflu scenario, and Dr. Irwin Redlener, the head of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia, says we’re screwed. He said the same thing in Newsweek, the New York Daily News, and on “The Daily Show” in September (see left). Sigh. We know how Jon feels. Cipro out, Tamiflu in. [NYMag]
  • Jay Rosen: What’s the clearance, Clarence? We love how Jay Rosen has tried to go on hiatus yet just can’t keep away from the Judith Miller case, and his dogged pursuit of answers about Miller’s mysterious security clearance. Yesterday he picked up the thread at Romenesko. You can take the boy out of blogging…[Romenesko Letters]
  • If Whitney Pastorek can learn to forgive blogs, don’t you think you can, Forbes? One of our fave pop culture writers, EW’s Whitney Pastorek, famously abjured blogs, blogging, bloggers and all of their bloggy ilk in her Village Voice essay, “Blogs Are Ruining My Life.” Yet, o joy, she has turned the other cheek, submitting to the siren call of liveblogging for EW’s “Popwatch” blog, for which she liveblogged the fake presidential debate on “The West Wing,” which is true dedication to the political process. Best line: “No one who uses slogans that appear on T-shirts at Urban Outfitters will ever be my Fake President” (But didn’t “Getting Lucky in Kentucky” originally come from Clinton?). Point being, if Pastorek can forgive, then perhaps Forbes — whose “Attack of the Blogs!” cover screams “They destroy brands and wreck lives — is there any way to fight back?” — can too. Photo evidence of a particularly fearsome, scary blogger poised to attack after the jump. [EW]
  • And speaking of blogs… Did you know that the New York Press has one? I see your under-the-radar newsie blog and raise you one more: did you know that the New York Sun has a blog? Seriously. It’s called “It Shines For All.” That means you. [NYPress and NYSun]
  • Our brother at FishbowlDC is a total stud. We’re so proud.[HuffPo]

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    Bring it, Forbes! We know karate.