Media Minutiae, If “Herv&#233” Catches On I Will Be So Happy Edition

Slow news day due to massive glut of Golden Globes coverage. That Reese Witherspoon is so cute, and we love Felicity Huffman as a man OR a woman! Okay, here we go:

  • Gift of the Glam: Former New York Postie Libby Callaway has been named Glamour‘s “Q&A” columnist, according to Fashion Week Daily. Starting in the April issue, Callaway will answer reader queries from across the country and impart advice borne of her fashion expertise and down-to-earth viewpoint (Glam. EIC Cindi Leive says Callaway is “not a pure fashionista”). As long as you tell me I don’t look fat in these pants, I’m happy. [The Daily]
  • “You’re my hero. Sign my leg!”: Continuing with Fishbowl’s theme of what wasn’t reported during the Mark Messier send-off last week, Cindy Adams has a HILARIOUS “Only In New York” today: apparently after the emotional tribute to the once and forever captain, Messier came off the ice and signed, yes, a mess of autographs in the crowd. As Adams tells it, “Then one guy limped up, called out, “You’re my hero. Sign my leg,” and pulled off the prosthesis attached to his knee. Unsure what to do, Messier hesitated a moment, then reached out and signed the guy’s leg.” That. Is. Awesome. [NYP]
  • Liza with a Z, Turco with a C: Our favorite quotable reporter-cum-source, Animal mag founder Bucky Turco, first came to our attention for following the news only to find himself part of the story, quoted multiple times on multiple issues in the New York Post, the Daily News, and all manner of websites (Gawker, Adrants, us). You’d think, then, that the Daily News could spell his name right: “Bucky Turko, a graffiti supporter and editor of the counterculture magazine Animal, said Vallone will be targeted until he tones down the rhetoric.” Here Bucky refers to a pet subject, namely Peter Vallone‘s war on graffiti artists, about which he’s been quoted in three previous articles by…the Daily News. Buck up, young Turk, as long as they spell your…oh, never mind. p.s. This headline wouldn’t rhyme in Canada. [NYDN]
  • Gift of the Glam, Part II: Lowdown reports that aforementioned Glamour EIC Cindi Leive was hobnobbing with Scarlett Johansson (whom we can safely say is a pure fashionista by this point) and Harvey Weinstein (whom we can safely say would not like being referred to as “Herv&#233” at this point) after the Golden Globes, brainstorming a Glamour cover theme for Johansson. Harvey, just in case you’re planning to option anything in this blog, remember: it’s spelled T-U-R-C-O. [NYDN]