Media Minutiae: Batting Cleanup Edition

  • People, people who work for people who love Teen People, are the luckiest people in the world: The Daily reports on Lori Majewski’s first few days back home at Teen People, first love of her heart. Though she brought along Lindsay Soll from Us Weekly as her assistant so far there have been no cuts, and everyone seems happy with both her stewardship and her professional yet adorable attire, summed up by a staffer as “cute business.” The Daily hints that the business may not remain cute; apparently Majewski plans some major changes. When that happens, don’t lament what used to be; used to be’s don’t count anymore, they just lay on the floor ’til you sweep them away. [The Daily]
  • All in the porn-loving science-geek family: Once again, the Gucciones prove the maxim ‘like father, like son’: Bob Guccione Jr. has just purchased Discover Magazine, following in his recently-reconciled Omni-purchasing father’s footsteps. Hmm, we have an inkling where those two first developed their love of nature…[NYT]
  • Over at Salon, Kerry Lauerman has compiled a highlight reel of anchors working through their Katrina coverage. Supplemental: Crooks & Liars and TVNewser, natch. [Salon]
  • Numbers count: The WSJ’s Carl Bialik crunches the numbers we don’t want to think about (and that FEMA doesn’t want you to see). [WSJ]
  • Tales from the Reality-Based Community: Sometimes it takes utterly fake news to underscore what’s really going on. Andy Borotwitz has some gems at his site, including today’s “Fox Reports Bad News: White House demands investigation” and Monday’s “Experts Call Bush Presidency Worst Disaster in Nation’s History.” He reports, you snicker, but kind of sadly. [Borowitz Report]
  • <em>NYT reports bad news? A furor has broken out over Alessandra Stanley’s contention that Geraldo Rivera muscled his way into a rescue operation, ‘nudging’ an Air Force rescuer out of the way. Geraldo went on O’Reilly and threatened to sue. After multiple viewings by multiple editors, the Times stands by its Stan(ley). Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Pop on a pair of Geraldo’s rose-colored glasses and see for yourself. [TVNewser, natch]