Media Minutiae, All-NYT All The Time Edition

  • Clyde Haberman is hot on the story! Yes, we know the whole James Frey thing has legs, Clyde Haberman, but that’s no excuse to flog it for your column a week later using the same principle that sent Daily Show writer Tim Carvell‘s op-ed through the roof last week. Plus, linking it to Martin Luther King, Jr. just seems king of tacky. [NYT]
  • Bad Blood, Good Readership: The NYT‘s series on diabetes is cleaning up on MEL 7, with four out of the five top spots (#2 was snagged by “Cells That Read Minds” – the NYT readership is all about health these days!) Hm, that must explain the macaroni…[NYT]
  • I can tap across the Tappan Zee: Apparently the Tappan Zee bridge has an expiration date, which will bring the number of usable NYC-area bridges with the letter “z” in them down to one…unless we all start “accidentally” misspelling “Williamzburg.” Who’s with me? (See what I will do for a “Really Rosie” reference!) [NYT]
  • Well, it depends how you define “complete”: Everyone loves having “The Complete New Yorker” at your fingertips, except those who find it irritating that it’s not, well, at your fingertips. The NYT reports on one user who’s steamed that he can’t download the CD-ROMs to his hard drive. If only he had every single New Yorker ever on his hard drive, those hours of air travel would never be the same. Because you can easily get through one of those discs on any plane trip. [NYT]]
  • Not only the NYT this time: Am I alone in being vaguely appalled that each of the dailies feature a photo of poor little Nixmary Brown in today’s papers? The story is awful, but I don’t need to see a photo of her lying in state to remind me of that.