Media Job Board Numbers: Up Up And Away!

We’ve been tracking the number of jobs posted on major media job boards since the beginning of last year, and we have some fantastic news.

Year over year,’s board, for example, is up about 73 percent.

We don’t have year-over-year data for PRSA’s board for PR professionals and for reporters and editors, but in January 2011 both boards added a number of jobs to their listings– grew listing quantities 30 percent while PRSA’s growth was a (much) more modest 1 percent growth…but by sheer numbers, PRSA still has the most listings.

Check out the encouraging news from job boards across the country after the jump.

Here’s a graph showing the number of jobs posted on’s job board in January 2010 and ’11. As you can see, jobs are way up. In fact, earlier this month, the board crossed a milestone: 1600 postings.

Here’s the jobs posted on over the past month. We’ll have year-over-year comparative data next month.

PRSA’s board, as previously mentioned, didn’t show that much growth but still ended the month on a high note.

And fluctuated a bit but ended with more than 120 publishing jobs posted.