Media In Heat: How Cool Was It In Your Office Today?


As a heat wave grips New York and rest of the country today — thanks, Al Gore — we wondered whose media office was the coolest. The winner: Deadspin‘s Will Leitch, whose “office” — room 604 at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis — is some 50 degrees cooler than it is outside.

In New York:

  • New York Times
    Address: 229 West 43rd Street
    Temperature Inside: 70+ degrees
    Who Works There: Executive editor Bill Keller et al.

  • Condé Nast
    Address: 4 Times Square
    Temparature Inside: 72 (cut back on AC due to ConEd request)
    Who Works There: Vogue, W, Glamour et al.

  • Hearst Tower
    Address: 224 W 57th St
    Temperature Inside: 74
    Who Works There: Esquire, Cathy Black et al.

  • VNU
    Address: Broadway, New York
    Temperature Inside: 70 degrees
    Who Works There: president Mike Marchesano, Billboard, Editor & Publisher et al.

  • Entertainment Weekly
    Address: 1675 broadway, 28th Floor
    Temperature Inside: 70 degress
    Who Works There: William Hooks, associate art director

  • FADER magazine
    Address: 71 West 23rd Street, Floor 13
    Temperature Inside: 73 degrees
    Who Works There: Andy Cohn, publisher

  • PRWeek
    Address: 114 W. 26 St., 3rd floor
    Temperature Inside: 75 degrees
    Who Works There: Hamilton Nolan, media reporter

  • Huffington Post
    Address: 560 Broadway, 3rd Floor
    Temperature Inside: 67 degrees, “AC blasting, cold Diet Cokes in the fridge”
    Who Works There: Rachel Sklar, Eat The Press

  • Mediabistro
    Address: 494 Broadway, 4th Floor
    Temperature Inside: 69 degrees
    Who Works There: Us

  • Mediabistro West
    7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 303
    Los Angeles
    Temperature Inside: 74 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 83 degrees
    Who Works There: Taffy Brodesser-Akner


  • Will Leitch | editor,
    Office: Room 604 of the hotel at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis, Illinois. Apparently casinos have high-speed internet — who knew?
    Temperature Inside: 50 degrees, with lithium coming in through the vents
    Temperature Outside: 101 degrees; The Mississippi River is in a boil; it’s so hot that four tourists touched the St. Louis Arch and vanished in a cloud of vapor

  • David Hauslaib | editor, Jossip
    Office: Los Angeles
    Temperature Inside: A climate-controlled 70 degrees, though the controls are right next to me, wielding the power of an office manager
    Temperature Outside: A sunshiny and dry 85 degrees, with nary a cloud in the sky, but plenty of pollution to inhale

  • Corynne Steindler | editor, Jossip
    Office: My apartment, hottest part of Brooklyn (I’m sure of it)
    Temperature Inside: 175 airconditionedless degrees (estimate)

  • Rex Hammock | president of Hammock Publishing; the “rex” of
    Office: 7th floor of an office building in Nashville, four floors below Keith Urban’s record label — and still no Nicole Kidman sighting
    Temperature Inside: < 70 degrees (a constant complaint of staff who must always wear sweaters to meetings in my office)
    Temperature Outside: 94 (on the way to 98) — and it's the good old-fashioned high humidity kind of heat, not any of that "dry" stuff

  • Folio: magazine
    Office: South Norwalk, CT
    Temperature Inside: 72
    Temperature Outside: 95
    Who Works There: Bill Mickey, senior editor

  • Washington Examiner
    Office: 1015 15th St., NW, 5th Floor, Washington, DC
    Temperature Inside: 70 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 98 degrees
    Who Works There: Patrick W. Gavin, associate editorial page editor; editor, FishbowlDC

  • Isobella Jade | 5’2″ model-memoirist
    Office: Soho Apple Store
    Temperature Inside: 66 degrees

  • Bob Sacks | president, publisher, Precision Media Group
    Office: On the middle of an island, in the middle of a lake, in the Berkshires
    Temperature Inside: 78 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 98 degrees

  • Tom Zoellner | author
    Office: 1992 Dodge Ram van conversion (On book tour, today in Dallas)
    Temperature Inside: 82 degrees, with windows open, while driving at 60mph
    Temperature Outside: 103

    Office: 45 Main Street, Suite 800, Brooklyn, NY
    Temperature Inside: 69-70 degrees
    Who Works There: Heather Graham, associate editor

    The Home Offices:

  • Jared Paul Stern | recovering gossip columnist
    Office: Oak Hill, NY
    Temperature Inside: 72 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 84 degrees

  • Nikki Finke |
    Office: home/office in Westwood, CA
    Temperature Inside: 65 degrees (my central air conditioning is going full blast)
    Temperature Outside: 86 degrees (feels like 110 degrees)

  • Bucky Turco | “publisherist” and editor, Animal
    Office: luxury loft, Canal St., New York
    Temperature Inside: A balmy 68 degrees

  • Kyle du Ford | Big & Sharp
    Office: home basement, Denver
    Temperature Inside: 73 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 101 degrees

  • Wendy Knight | freelance travel journalist
    Office: Basement of a stone farmhouse, Vermont
    Temperature Inside: 74 degrees. Add ten degrees for each deadline. That’s makes it 94 degrees right now.
    Temperature Outside: 84; 57% humidity

  • Julia Allison | columnist, AM New York
    Office: Bedroom, New York
    Temperature Inside: Hot enough that I’m typing naked; Okay, that was a lie, but close to naked

  • Melissa Lafsky | Blogger, Huffpo contributor
    Office: My living room couch, Mulberry St., New York
    Temperature Inside: Just cool enough not to sit here marinating in my own ripeness (but only if I sit 4 inches from the AC)

  • Greg Lindsay | editor-at-large Advertising Age and Mediabistro
    Office: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
    Temperature Inside: 74 degrees
    Temperature Outside: 95 degrees ( says it feels like 101)

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