What’s In Your Media Diet?

More than ever, there isn’t just one newspaper or outlet where people get their news. So we took to the streets to find out where people in D.C. are flocking for information. Known for its aloofness, Washington is filled with people who are often in a mad rush to get somewhere important. So some didn’t want anything to do with us. But many did, and here’s what they had to say.

Alejandro Camacho, property manager

“Real estate and cooking,” he said, when asked for his media diet, citing Urban Turf as his go-to website.

Matthew Lambert, employee at Federal Reserve
New York Times mostly, Washington Post. The opinion section is the best part of the paper. E.J. Dionne, Eugene Robinson, Maureen Dowd.” Asked which paper he prefers, he smiled. “New York Times. It’s more substantive. Washington Post has gotten a little more conservative.”

Daniella Simms, nanny
“I don’t really watch the news. Honestly, Current TV occassionally, the Express on the train in passing. Anything I read is really sporadic links from Twitter and Facebook. I read Bitch Media a lot.”

Rich Mangus, retired ABC producer
ABCnews.comFoxnews.com and CNN.”

Jean and Barrie Galley, tourists from England
“Books, the Daily Mail, except when we come to America. I like to do the puzzles, but you can’t do them online,” said Barrie, stressing that he reads the print version of Daily Mail only.