McKinsey Takes A Look At Vogue, Traveler

vogue sept.jpgThe New York Observer‘s John Koblin continues his coverage of McKinsey & Co.’s examination of Condé Nast with an article today about the consultants’ recent look at Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler.

Koblin reports that the two magazines are supposedly being used as studies that will shape the company-wide recommendations McKinsey will provide later this year:

“The two magazines are believed to be representative business units for the entire company. Vogue, the ad-heavy breadwinner, is seen as being reflective of a bigger magazine. Traveler, with its moderately hefty staff, is smaller than Vogue and considered reflective of a midsize magazine.”

Meanwhile, other sources tell Koblin that even more titles have been getting visits from McKinsey or are gearing up for sit downs soon, including GQ and Glamour. “It is also likely that McKinsey will be spending time with titles that have a smaller profile than Vogue, and with a much bleaker bottom line,” Koblin surmises. “In other words: The magazines whose prospects might not be so hot.”

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Vogue, Traveler Get Thorough Exams, Courtesy of McKinsey Observer

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