McCain Rep Spins Candidate’s Internet Use


The Personal Democracy Forum, which examines how “technology and the Internet are changing democracy in America,” is currently taking place in New York. On a panel this morning, a McCain rep was spinning the presidential candidates’ internet savvy.

From NY Times media reporter Brian Stelter, “McCain’s ‘net rep: ‘You don’t necessarily have to know how to use a computer to see how it shapes the country.'”

From Fast Company‘s Robert Scoble, “John McCain is aware of the Internet.” Defense of McCain on stage at #pdf2008 in argument about whether candidate needs to use a computer.”

McCain’s seemingly out of touch technology habits could continue to be a major talking point for the Obama campaign, as they raise tens of millions on the net, and are met with feeble responses such as today’s. Does it matter to you how computer savvy our next president is?