McCain Allows Reporters to See Dirty Underbelly of Campaign Fundraisers

johnmccain.jpgWhile Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton beat each other into submission during the Democratic primary, John McCain sat on the sidelines and watched, we presume with glee. But now that Obama’s won, media scrutiny is turning its head towards the Republican nominee and the candidate is responding. According to The Wall Street Journal, McCain will open some fundraisers to the media, something he’s refused to allow in the past. His opponent, by comparison, has let reporters into most of his fundraisers for the duration of his campaign.

The announcement comes on the heels of a report that McCain’s camp is unhappy with the coverage it has been receiving. It took issue with stories in publications such as The New York Times and the Washington Post, calling them “smear jobs” and “scurrilous attacks.”

A word to the McCain crew: although everyone does love a good fundraiser, reactionary policy changes aren’t the solution to winning over the media.