Mayor McCritic

tonyw.jpgWe’ll start today locally: Mayor Tony Williams recently launched a blog of his own, and it’s one of those great blogs by famous people that’s so out there and rambles towards incoherency that there’s no doubt the principal is actually writing it.

In yesterday’s entry, he decided to get his Leibling-groove thang on and following an “Ask the Mayor” segment on WTOP, he had some thoughts on the press:

I believe I’ve been extremely patient, impartial, and accessible to our press corps, journalists and editors, over the years. I believe the press plays an indispensable role in a number of ways. Take deflating bloated egos. The ratio of BS to reality in this business has to be kept to tolerable levels. Only the politician’s spouse/partner and the press are in a position to perform this role. How about exposing fraud, abuse, and more often, gross incompetence? Remember Donald Rumsfeld and Martha Stewart on my nominating petitions? There’s the long term view versus the narrow-mindedness to which we fall prey. And of course there’s the prosecution of the strong in the interest of the weak and powerless. It’s a dirty business, full of all kinds of excessive flourishes and editorial license, but its important work that someone’s got to do.

But here’s the question. Before I unload with a lot of opinions here on some of our favorite personalities, let me ask you bloggers this question. The press– notwithstanding Judy Miller–enjoys great freedom in our country, both constitutionally and traditionally in its role as the “fourth estate”. What responsibilities come with this? Has anyone seen any checks and balances around here? Or am I missing something?