Mayor de Blasio Loses His Comms Director on Inauguration Day

He needs someone to help him answer this question

Now who’s going to help him answer this question?

In a story we missed over the holiday, The New York Post let the world know the single most important thing about Lis Smith, official spokesperson for new mayor Bill de Blasio‘s campaign and transition team: she’s dating Eliot Spitzer! (And yes, they went with the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” headline. Pure class.)

Given the fact that we don’t know anyone involved in this story, we probably shouldn’t assume that gossip had anything to do with Smith’s decision not to serve in the new administration. But we’ll go ahead and make that assumption anyway.

Smith is a former director of rapid response for Obama for America, and she worked for Spitzer’s comptroller campaign before it crumbled. This morning sources confirmed to Capital New York that she will no longer serve as de Blasio’s spokesperson a week after the Post first claimed that the incoming mayor would be “looking for a new communications director to take to City Hall.”

Smith confirmed the announcement via Twitter:

As of this afternoon, there’s “no word” on who will replace her. We can’t recommend that anyone apply for the gig, as it’s going to be an extremely demanding job and we have a strong suspicion that de Blasio will pick someone with whom he already has a working history.

The Christmas Eve “art of damage control” video confession from the mayor’s daughter showed us that the administration has a creative approach to messaging and that its first year will not be one without conflict.

A note to whomever de Blasio eventually picks for the job: Make sure to buckle your seatbelt.

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