Mayor Complains About Subway in Accidental Email to NY Times

Local rich man takes the subway.

While on his way to a speaking engagement, mayor Bill de Blasio got to experience the joy of taking the subway, just like the rest of the world. As is often the case with taking the train, it was delayed. And so de Blasio fired off an angry email to his staffers. Oh, and he accidentally cc’d a New York Times reporter.

“We waited 20 mins for an express only to hear there were major delays,” wrote the mayor. “This was knowable info. Had we had it, we would have avoided a lot of hassles. Let’s cross-check our info with them when I take the subway. This is a fixable prob.”

Despite trying to appear like an Average New Yorker, de Blasio doesn’t quite pull it off. Everyone knows that there is no fixing the subway and there is certainly no such thing as avoiding the “hassles.” You must embrace the slog of the subway commute. You must embrace the delays, the cancellations and entering the one car without AC. Either that, or move.