Mayor Booker Credits His Comms Strategy for Blizzard Success

Can you get enough of him? We can’t.

We’re talking about Newark Mayor Cory Booker. With snow falling again in the tri-state area, it would be helpful for some local pols (Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Christie) to take a lesson from Mayor Booker, who was out in the streets during the big blizzard a couple of weeks ago helping the people.

He went on The Weather Channel program Wake Up With Al yesterday to talk about the big lesson from the blizzard — the importance of communications. According to the Mayor, vendors and council members felt comms was lacking. But the Mayor’s use of Twitter was obviously a plus for some Newarkians and for the Mayor’s image.

And this week, he’s talking up his strategy to lose weight. He’s an honorary co-chair of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative “Let’s Move.” The mayor spoke candidly on CNN (video above) and in an article that was featured on Huffington Post and on his Facebook page about his commitment to lose more than 40 pounds by his birthday on April 27. More than 37,000 people “like” the Mayor on Facebook and he has more than one million Twitter followers. He says he’ll be publicly tracking his progress.

In wrapping up his interview, he goes back to the successes of his office’s comms strategy, particularly “the mobile command center” during the Great Blizzard. It doesn’t look like he’ll get much of a workout from this storm, but we wish the Mayor luck with his weight-loss goals.