Mayor Bloomberg Taps Google in Reelection Bid

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is turning to Google for a last-minute ad blitz on the eve of Election Day.

The incumbent mayor, seeking his third term against Democratic candidate Bill Thompson, turned to Google on Nov. 2 to execute what the search giant calls “a network blast”—in other words, an extensive display-ad buy across Google’s Content Network. Bloomberg is also running search ads on

According to a Google spokesperson, Bloomberg’s buy on the Google Content Network is “one of the biggest network blasts by a politician to date.”

Also turning to Google to get out the vote at the eleventh hour are Republican Bob McDonnell, who’s running for governor in Virginia and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, who is running for Congress in upstate New York. In the cases of McDonnell and Hoffman, both men are running ads locally rather than executing a full network blast, according to Google.