MaYoMo Rolls Out Beta Version

MaYoMo.jpgMaYoMo (Map Your Moments) launched a new, improved beta version of its site, which “delivers independent, global news content with Web 2.0 convenience and flexibility,” the company announced.

Access to all MaYoMo content is free, and anyone can create an account and begin contributing content and uploading photos, video and other media assets from devices including video-enabled phones. The company said contributors who meet certain criteria can create their own “channels” and generate income from them, adding that when a contributor has a channel, he or she will have options to help create better and more-viewed content.

MaYoMo debuted in its alpha form during the fourth quarter of 2008, and the company said it totals more than 50,000 news entries from 214 countries.

MaYoMo CEO and co-founder Hristo Alexiev said:

It’s a new concept—a video-centric “social news network” for journalists and their readers, empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution. A key difference with our site is that we’ll be providing an income source and career path for our contributors—both young, aspiring journalists and experienced, professional, independent journalists and bloggers.