Maybe Zaha Should Stick To Weddings and Furniture


We cut a wide swath through the global culturescape here, and today is no different. We started out solipsistic and microcosmic, but it’s time to get a little bigger. To look outside the LES, the OC, the USA. Kids, there’s a world out there. And that world has buildings. Sometimes, buildings that we love. And sometimes, buildings that we haven’t seen but that others–who correspond with us–have. A friend, high-profile, just wrote us from Denmark, purging his Pattern Recognition-esque reaction to Zaha’s latest, the Ordrupgaard museum expansion.

sucked so suckily: sloppy, ill-conceived, derivative of danny in osnabruck, and–as if i needed an and–just plain creepy and sinister. it’s good to know my cayce pollard organ is intact: it made me physically sick how bad it was; i literally had to leave the building before i puked.

Subtle. Just how we like it.