Maybe That Media Training Wasn’t Such a Bad Idea

Photo: Candia/AP

With the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners trapped since August 5 imminent, the media is gearing up for coverage. More than 1,000 journalists have gathered alongside family members and authorities at “Camp Hope,” the compound that has developed in the wake of the mine collapse. The reporters represent 200 foreign media outlets and 50 local Chilean ones.

Last week, we got news that the miners were being media trained in preparation for their return to the outside world. Perhaps that was a smart move.

“I’ve been interviewed by people from as far away as China,” Lilianett Gómez, a daughter of one of the trapped miners, told The New York Times.  “Over all, I think they’re here to help and transmit our struggle to the world.”

More than that, the government is making sure the media has access, providing the media with Internet service, and, according to the article, a live, free satellite feed of the rescue, set to begin on Wednesday. TVNewser reports that the major US broadcast outlets are already in place.

[Image via New York Daily News.]