Maureen Dowd Snags Rolling Stone Cover Story On Colbert-Stewart

rs_stewart_colbert.jpgThe New York Times op-ed columnist snags a double interview with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert — “Stewart-Colbert ’08” — just in time for those mid-term elections.

But lest you thought the story would be merely about Stewart and Colbert, think again. This is Maureen Dowd, after all. Her “self-deprecating” lede:

I thought Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert might be a little nervous to meet with me.

Then, you know, just to show us how well-read and qualified she is to make such assessments:

A recent Indiana University study found that The Daily Show was just as substantive as network television news during the 2004 election. I’m not surprised that young people who watch it are well-informed. I read about ten newspapers a day and three newsmagazines a week, and I have my TV tuned to cable news all day, and I still find myself taking notes from The Daily Show.

Nonetheless, we did like the piece, particularly Colbert and Stewart’s debate of melon (“The cantaloupe is far superior to the honeydew”) and their ripping on Dowd’s Radio Shack tape recorder (“‘I thought it was a chaise,’ Stewart says. ‘I was going to lie down on it.'”)

  • America’s Anchors [Rolling Stone]