Maturing Adults Want to Play on Social Networks Too

senior_laptopI knew the world was in trouble when Uncle Blaine told me you can find any music video on YouTube.

I knew the world was in trouble when my father-in-law sent me a Netflix gift certificate via e-mail.

And I knew the world was totally doomed when my mom delivered updates on where my elementary school friends are now thanks to Pipl.A recent article validated my fears when they (the name of the paper escapes me now) outlined the case of the under-30 crowd getting nauseated over older generations’ quick adoption of Web 2.0 trends.

While I recognize this is not a surprising trend, I readily admit that I am still creeped out when folks 20 years my senior reveal that they troll around social networking sites.

With technology advancing the way it is, I’m sure before I bat an eye, I too will be on of the ‘blue hairs’ trying to stay hip with the Internet age. So as icky as it might sound, let’s welcome the older generation with open arms.

The AARP crowd is here to stay and there’s nothing you can do about it. Expect set up two profiles: one for your friends and a tamer one for your folks.

Many have tried to push the “adult” market into their own Web space. Eons lets baby boomers “celebrate life on the flipside of 50.”

Some elders have set up shop on But unless you’re in the market for caregiver and ready to wait out seemingly never-ending Website construction, this one’s an ancient waste of time. hopes they’ve created a bridge, welcoming folks 25 – 50 years of age to find romance, do business and even buy stock in the company (they are publicly traded).

These sites have respectively had their own successes, but nothing like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and so on.

We all have a little Uncle Rico in us, dreaming of building a time machine. Until we learn how to break the space-time continuum, just accept that your parents are going to dabble in Web trends. Relax. You’re still a helluva lot cooler.