Mattel Announces Magic 8 Ball App for iPhone, Apple Watch

The app will allow users to ask the classic toy questions and share them via social media.

Magic 8 Ball

While plenty of imitations are already available on mobile, Mattel has announced it will release an official Magic 8 Ball app for iPhone and Apple Watch devices, based on the classic toy of the same name. The app gives users a way to reveal humorous (or even oddly accurate) answers to their most lighthearted or serious questions, and has been optimized for both devices. That is, the app will allow users to ask questions using either device via a dictation feature.

Once players have asked the Magic 8 Ball a question, they can shake their iPhone to shake the ball, or tap their Apple Watch to reveal the answer. These answers can then be shared with friends via social media.

While the novelty of a Magic 8 Ball might wear off quickly, the app’s daily notifications will work to make sure that doesn’t happen, presenting users with notifications and prompts for “thought-provoking questions” to ask in the app.

The Magic 8 Ball app will be available to download for free on iPhone and Apple Watch on April 24.

(Magic 8 Ball image via Amazon product listing)

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