Match gems to collect treasure in Pirate Treasures on Facebook

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OrangeApps’ Pirate Treasures has experienced hefty success in Russia, but now a whole new audience has been introduced to the colorful match-three game, thanks to its release on Facebook. In Pirate Treasures, players complete match-three levels to find treasures while completing goals in each.

Each level of Pirate Treasures comes with a limited number of moves, and its own set of obstacles and goals. Some levels may ask players to remove specially marked gems from the screen, while others are completed by moving key items to the bottom of the screen.

Pirate Treasures on Facebook

Eventually, users are introduced to power-ups, like a whirlwind for rearranging all gems on the board, or a hammer for removing a particularly tricky gem. These are offered in small quantities for free, and can be purchased for coins, the game’s free / premium currency. Users can also purchase extra moves before they fail a level’s objectives.

Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their score, and the number of moves they have remaining when completing a level’s goals. These stars are used at the main map to open treasure chests, so players can replay levels to earn missed stars at any time.

Pirate Treasures has over 150,000 monthly active players on Facebook, according to AppData. You can play it for free on Facebook.