Marvel Mobile Games Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Captain America

Beginning June 30, a variety of Marvel mobile games will be updated with new Captain America-themed content in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Marvel's First Avenger.

Beginning June 30, a variety of Marvel mobile games will be updated with new Captain America-themed content in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Marvel’s First Avenger. Gamers will be able to participate in limited-time events in each game to unlock new versions of Captain America for their games.

Here’s a look at some of these game updates.

Marvel Contest of Champions Captain America

Marvel Contest of Champions (Free on iOS, Android): This fighting game from Kabam will be updated with a “Civil Warrior” event, which will include a new storyline. The story will feature an alternate Earth, where the civil war between Captain America and Iron Man resulted in the death of Iron Man. Faced with the guilt of killing his former ally, Captain America has become the Civil Warrior, and has set out to stop this war from happening again.

Marvel Future Fight Captain America

Marvel Future Fight (Free on iOS, Android): This role-playing game from Netmarble Games will be updated with a Sharon Rogers event, including a new storyline. The storyline features an alternate universe, in which Captain America was never frozen at the end of World War II. Instead, Rogers married Agent Peggy Carter and had a daughter, Sharon. Now, Sharon Rogers has taken over her father’s legacy and battles evil forces as Captain America.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Captain America

Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free on iOS, Android): In this match-three puzzle battle game from D3 Go, players will be shown a world where Steve Rogers was assassinated before he could become Captain America. In this world, Peggy Carter joined the Super Soldier Program in his place, and now fights evil as Captain America.

Marvel Avengers Academy Captain America

Marvel Avengers Academy (Free on iOS, Android): In this city-building game from TinyCo, Captain America will receive his classic uniform, and will attempt to help other members of the Avengers Academy train for battle.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone): This turn-based battle game from Disney Interactive will be updated with a Captain America 1901 event. The storyline of this event will take place in an alternate timeline, in which Jeremiah Rogers, also known as Captain America 1901, rode with Theodore Roosevelt‘s Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War.

In a statement, Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games creative director, commented:

The unique stories and styles of each Marvel game provide an opportunity for every title to introduce a boldly imaginative version of the legendary Super Soldier. Because our partners enjoy the freedom to craft different storylines for players, fans will see how each game’s new version of Captain America is sharply distinct from one another but still completely authentic to the “Living Legend” we all know and love.

Readers: What do you think of these new game updates?

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