Marvel Avengers Academy Receives Guardians of the Galaxy Special Event

The event brings the Guardians of the Galaxy to the academy, and introduces a new combat feature to the game.

TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment have launched the first limited time in-game event in Marvel Avengers Academy on mobile. The event brings the Guardians of the Galaxy to the academy, and introduces a new combat feature to the game. Marvel Avengers Academy allows players to interact with a variety of Marvel super heroes and villains, which have been reimagined as college students.

In order to participate in this event, players must reach at least level six in the game, and have built Van Dyne’s Outfits in their academy.

With this event, the Guardians of the Galaxy have crash-landed at the academy, and players will need to investigate their arrival. Gamers will be able to collect special Energy Crystals by completing the event’s main quests, special event missions, defeating Chitauri enemies and collecting from Crystal Mines.

These Energy Crystals can be used to unlock new content, such as the Intergalactic Iron Man outfit. This event will also give players a chance to recruit a new Guardians of the Galaxy character, like Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, each week.

In terms of the new combat feature, players will need to help the Avengers students and the Guardians defeat Chitauri enemies. The combat system utilizes Energy Disruptors, which players can collect by completing event orders on the game’s mission board. Energy Disruptors can also be collected from Energy Generators. When players have enough Energy Disruptors, they can send one or more heroes into battle.

The more characters players send into battle against the Chitauri, the better their chance of victory. Heroes must have full health to fight, so they’ll need to recover in between battles. Heroes recover automatically over time, or players can use Med Packs to speed up their recovery.

Finally, the upcoming second phase of the combat feature will allow players to trigger their characters’ special abilities ‘through the use of combat perks.’

Marvel Avengers Academy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The Guardians of the Galaxy special event will end on April 28.