Marty’d: The Chris Moody Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Marty Rudolf, our favorite News Junkie Online. Day in and day out, Marty shares interesting stories and tries interacting with various tweeters about The News. Marty seems to have toned down his Twitter feed for the time being, by the way. I personally had a discussion with him about him tweeting pictures of naked ladies in a stunt he was referring to as “Ta-Ta Tuesdays.”

Our most recent Marty fascination comes from the relationship he has formed with Yahoo’s Chris Moody. In a recent exchange, Moody turned the tables on Marty when he was asked a question about Scott Brown. Marty approached Moody earlier in the week and said, “How have you been, Chris? Do you think fmr Mass US Sen. Scott Brown will Run for President in 2016 for the GOP?” Moody flipped the script and simply asked him, “Do you?”  Without missing a beat, Rudolf slaps on his pundit cap and responds, “Yes, I think he’s Seriously Considering Running for President in 2016. I also feel NY Con. Peter King will Run for Pres as well.”

With so many good vibes and political conversation flying around, Moody might have gotten carried away and invited Marty out for a drink the next time he visits Chicago, where Rudolf resides. Marty politely declined by saying, “I’d prefer just to chat on here in terms of the future. I hope you Understand!” Ouch. Moody could only respond by tweeting, “#Rejected.”