Martin Klimas’ Photographically-Modified Produce Makes NY Times Magazine Covers

(Photos: Martin Klimas for The New York Times)

If your Sundays, like ours, involve acquiring an armful of newsprint in the form of The New York Times, be extra vigilant as you choose your copy today. Book Review? Check. Week in Review? Check. Magazine? Not so fast. This week’s New York Times Magazine is The Food Issue, and the editors had such an appetite for the exploding produce photos of Martin Klimas that they couldn’t choose just one for the cover. So they chose three, randomly trisecting the magazine’s press run to include a trio of covers that feature an exploding ear of corn, an apple, or a pumpkin (we got the corn but would have preferred the pumpkin). As for how the German photographer achieves the explosive effects, it involves firing a “projectile” into the unsuspecting fruit or vegetable rather than fancy Photoshopping, notes the magazine, adding that Klimas “is somewhat guarded about his technique.” It all gives new meaning to the term photo shoot. Click “continued…” for a larger view of the corny cover.

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